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The Martin's are Moving In!

We are always looking for new ways to help control unwanted pests on the farm. In a month or so Japanese Beetles will deluge our produce at an unprecedented rate. Last year we put out Japanese Beetle traps. They were a tremendous help so they will definitely be used again. However, this year we decided we would incorporate our feathered friends the Martin's to come to our aid.

A few weeks ago we put up a Martin House. To our pleasant surprise, the Martin's moved right in and made themselves at home. When we are outside working they sing and tweet at us until we finally say hello to them. Through research, we learned that Purple Martins eat around 2,000 insects a day. That's a lot of bugs! The even better news is that Japanese Beetles are among the bugs they devour.

If you have the space and you are looking for an organic and healthy way to eradicate insects, I highly recommend a Martin House. They will thank you for the living quarters by returning year after year, ridding you of unwanted vermin. Here are a couple of pictures of ours. I actually really like the way it looks. I was hoping to take their picture in the house, but they are camera shy and didn't want to be photographed...maybe next time!

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