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Our Story

Craig and Lanissa both grew up as preachers kids. Craig grew up in Kentucky and Lanissa grew up in Texas. Their parents instilled in them the joy as well as the importance of giving to and serving others. As a young boy, Craig learned the love of farming while spending summers with his grandparents. He watched the generosity of his grandfather bag up food and give it to others who had fallen on hard times. They always made sure to plant an overabundance so there would be plenty to share. 


Lanissa grew up in the big city of Houston so farming was not on the horizon. However, she watched her parents tirelessly give to others not only of their time and talents, but also out of their own pockets even when there was not an overabundance to share. That spirit of hard work and giving spilled over into both of their lives and continues today. As a financial advisor, Craig constantly helps people with their finances, even those that are not clients. He has a heart for helping others and that same generosity took over while serving in the Army. Craig retired from Special Operations Command in 2010. During his time while stationed in San Antonio Texas, he had the job as a liaison helping soldiers and their families who had been wounded in combat. Lanissa helped Craig during this endeavor. Their home was a revolving door of guests and wounded soldiers coming in for a hot meal or respite away from the hospital for a short time.


Lanissa has a heart for working with children. She spent several years working for the Baptist Children's Home taking care of children who had been removed from their parents because of horrible abuse. Over the years, her work with children has not stopped. She continues to work with families of small children on a part time basis. 


Craig and Lanissa met and married in Houston Texas. They are a blended family sharing two daughters and one son. They also have five grandchildren among the two girls. Their love for gardening began when the Army moved them to San Antonio. They began growing a small backyard garden. The garden was small but very productive! Whenever there was an overabundance of produce it was readily shared with neighbors. It did not take long to realize that more space was needed as well as a more temperate climate if their love for growing fruits and vegetables was going to be more successful. Craig always wanted to get back to his Kentucky roots so the search began to find acreage. The town of Midway, located in central Kentucky offers just that. Together they grow an assortment of berries including blackberries, raspberries and strawberries. They also have several varieties of fruit trees in addition to the vegetables that are produced. They are excited about sharing their produce but even more excited about making new friends and serving their community. 


Craig obtained a degree in finance from the University of Maryland. He also has several credentials in finance including ChFC. Lanissa obtained a Masters degree in History from Wayland Baptist University. They both have a deep respect and love of history and appreciate the rich American history that Kentucky has to offer. 

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