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Abundant Growth

The farm is really beginning to pop! So many things are starting to produce. (now if I can keep the rabbits from indulging on too many of my pepper plants....that would be even better!) 😉 Those pesky rabbits! They are happy here on the farm. There's plenty for them to eat! 😂 This week I took drastic measures when replacing the pepper plants. I remembered that Craig's mother used to place plastic forks with the tines sticking up around the plants she didn't want critters to eat. I used to laugh because it looked so funny's a little unsightly. Little did I know that I would try it one day in desperation. I'll let you know if it works.🙏🤞

This week I cut the garlic scapes from the growing garlic. The bulbs will be harvested a little bit later. For those of you who are unfamiliar with garlic scapes they smell and taste just like garlic. However, they are chopped up like a scallion and then added to your recipe. When they are sautéed in butter and onions, the taste and smell is out of this world! I also noticed my first two almost ripe tomatoes. (yay!) 😁 They are from one of the tomato plants that volunteered in my compost bin over the winter. I babied them from tiny seedlings. Very exciting! The grapes on the grape vines are coming along very nicely also. We planted those about 3 years ago. They take a few years to become established, so it's exciting to finally have grapes this year.

I'll continue to keep you posted on the farm's production....until then, here's an update on the puppy. She's growing!! She and Meghan are beginning to work out their differences. It's going a little slower than we would like, but there have been big improvements. We have had her for one month. Supposedly it can take several weeks or up to a couple of months for dogs to get used to one another. (I guess it's a little like people!) 😜

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