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Bringing in the Harvest

The "dog days" have started. It's hot and dry.....😎 Come on rain! I find myself needing to water the gardens a lot more than I would like. Everything (including those pesky rabbits) are desperate for a drink. I have an update on the plastic forks that I placed around the pepper plants a couple of weeks ago. It didn't work. 😡 The rabbits get much of their moisture from green leaves so young green plants are number one in their diet. The good news is that I do have pepper plants that have survived. (just not as many as I would like.)

This week along with the berry picking, I've been harvesting potatoes. This morning I dug up several pounds of Huckleberry Gold. Once washed, they are a beautiful amethyst purple on the outside and buttery yellow on the inside. They are flavorful cooked anyway, but roasted is probably our favorite.

The cucumbers are producing in terrific numbers as well as the tomatoes. This year I tried a new variety of zucchini. (at least new to me) It's called "Long White." It's really good! It produces in abundance so I highly recommend giving it a try if you've never seen it before.

I'm posting a picture of one of my gardens ( I have 4 of them) along with some of the produce I have harvested in recent days. There should be a lot more to harvest in the days to come. I'll keep you updated.....rain would be helpful. 😉🤞🙏

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