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Eclipse Extravaganza!

What a show!! On Monday we drove a couple of hours over into the state of Indiana to witness the Great American Solar Eclipse of 2024. It did not disappoint!! We were so fortunate. The weather was kind and decided to cooperate. We enjoyed sunny clear skies so that during the moments of totality it was quite spectacular! 


I've witnessed an eclipse that was pretty close to totality, about 99. 9 percent. However, the difference between 99.9 and 100 are literally night and day different. I had NO idea!!! I've always known about the power of the sun, but this truly brought it to light. (play on words) 😏 I learned that even the tiniest sliver of sun exposure emits an enormous amount of light. For the first time I can understand people who circle the globe chasing eclipses. It is a very powerful experience. For those of you who witnessed the phenomenon this week I know you understand what I'm talking about. 


This week I'm planting seeds directly in the ground in-between the spring showers that are coming and going. I'll be sure to include pictures when they begin to germinate and grow. The strawberries are getting ready to set fruit. 🍓😋 Several of them are busting with beautiful white blooms. I'm smelling strawberry pie in the coming weeks! I'll keep you posted. Until then, Happy Spring! 

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