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Food as a Fertilizer

It's been a very successful season! The garden is really producing right now. A few weeks ago I shared a recipe for summer squash. Now that we are about "squashed out" with all of the ways that I prepared it this summer, it's time to begin putting some away for cooler months. This week I started blanching summer squash and zucchini and freezing it so that I can pull some out of the freezer this winter. However, as I was in the process, it occurred to me to share a great way to feed and water your plants at the same time.

It's no secret that vegetables contain vitamins and minerals which is why we all do our best to eat as much of them as possible. The plants you have growing are in need of the same nutrition. The next time you boil any type of vegetable, save the water! During the boiling process, vitamins and minerals leach out into the water. If you discard the water, you're throwing valuable nutrients down the drain. Once the water is cool, you can spray it on your plants or pour some directly into the soil.

The same is true about eggs. The next time you boil eggs be sure to save the water. Eggs are rich in calcium which is also very beneficial to your plants. Obviously you want to make sure the water is cooled off first. Your plants will thank you for the both the water and the food that you are providing to them. Your wallet will also thank you because you wont need to purchase as much fertilizer. I hope you will give it try. It's a win win because not only is it an organic way to garden, you're not wasting any water by throwing it down the drain.

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