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Fruitful Pruning

I'm happy to report that I finally finished all of the pruning. YAY! It was right in the nick of time too.....everything is beginning to get quite a few buds. Along with the push to complete the 8 rows of blackberries, we had 30 fruit trees that needed tending. It's pretty amazing. I looked out the window today and saw that almost overnight the fruit cocktail tree had busted out with blooms. Did you do a double take? That's right.....I said fruit cocktail. The fruit cocktail tree grows 4 different kinds of fruit. It consists of peach, plum, apricot, and nectarine. Because all of those fruits are in the same family or genus, they can be grafted together to form one tree. The caveat is that we did need to plant other peach, plum, and apricot trees so that cross pollination would take place. We haven't found a nectarine tree yet so growing nectarines will probably take a little bit longer. 🙄

The big push in the coming days is to start my seedlings. I can't put too much directly in the ground just yet. We will continue to have some fairly hard freezes and frosts. We are expecting another one this weekend. Hopefully it won't do too much damage to my budding and blooming fruit trees. (fingers crossed!) I'll keep you posted!

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We just had my mom's estate sale. She had a wall full of canning jars. I thought of you but our little car just wouldn't hold another thing. I hope the person who bought them has a fruit cocktail tree so they can preserve a bunch for their toast!

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