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Happy Thanksgiving!

My goodness! Time is such a vapor. I cannot believe that we are approaching the holiday season again. Didn't school just start? Last night I began hauling out our Christmas decorations. I know we have not had Thanksgiving yet, but in the Coker household we go all out. Because it takes several hours of my time to get it all in order, I want to have it up for several weeks. That's okay though. We always enjoy it so much.

This week along with trying to decorate for Christmas, I'm doing my best to winterize the gardens. They seriously need a good cleaning! I have several old plants that need to be pulled up. After they are removed, I will then take the compost that has been aging for a few months and spread it over the gardens. Over the winter months the compost will continue to decompose. When it rains or snows it will provide a compost tea that seeps down into the ground enriching the soil for spring planting. Old plants will be thrown into the chicken coop so that the chickens can eat what they want from them and then the process will start all over again. It's a pretty amazing cycle.

We hope all of you have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving. Try to remember the meaning of the's NOT just about food. Give thanks with a grateful heart for all that has been given. When you do, you will find that there are too many blessings to count.

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