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It's Red Rock Season!

Several of you are asking, "What is she talking about?" For those of you who have read my blog in years past, you are familiar with red rock season. However, it's possible some of you have forgotten and for others this is a new concept. Red rock season means is that it's time for me to place my painted red rocks around my soon to be ripened strawberries.

In recent years I have explained how I paint egg shaped rocks red in order to trick the birds. It actually works! 😁 After the painted rocks have dried, they are strategically placed in the strawberry patch BEFORE the strawberries turn red. The birds will see the red rocks and peck at them hoping to enjoy a juicy strawberry. Instead they get a sore beak! 😄 Once the strawberries turn red, the birds are not as tempted to peck at them because they think they will be pecking another hard rock.

Later today I will be painting more red rocks to go along with the ones I have already done. Over the years the strawberry patch has gotten bigger so the need for more rocks has grown. This method is not 100 percent fail proof. There will be a few lucky birds who actually get to enjoy a strawberry or two. However, it works really well. So if this happens to be the first year you have planted strawberries and you're wondering how to keep the birds away, this is a quick and easy solution. Let me know what you think! 🍓☺️

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