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It's Strawberry Season!

My goodness! I have picked so many strawberries in recent days. I have already put up several gallons of strawberries in the freezer (8 to be exact) so that I have them during the year. I also made a batch of fresh strawberry jam using another gallon I picked. I've made a fresh strawberry pie.....there will definitely be more to follow! 😋 And you can be rest assured that I will find many more creations to help us enjoy our strawberry abundance.

Strawberry season is an exciting time. (It's a busy time!) But it also gives the feeling of the official start of summer and all the fun events that go along with it. Last year the start of strawberry season brought much sadness to us. We had just just lost our sweet 15 year old Cocker Spaniel Mindy. Oh my goodness!! Do we still miss her! We know that we will miss her forever. However, we have some excitement coming our way. In the coming days we will have a new member in the Coker household. Morgan Elizabeth, our new Bernedoodle puppy will be coming home. She will arrive this weekend, (Memorial Day weekend). It's actually pretty ironic. We got Mindy on Memorial Day weekend also. Life can be so strange sometimes......🤔 It's kind of fitting and funny. Memorial day is a day for remembering. We especially need to remember those who have paid the price for our freedom, but we also remember those that we love and have been important in our lives. I think it's okay to include pets in that category. 😉 Next week I'll show more pictures of the puppy and give an update on how she is adjusting to her new home....especially her new "BIG" sister, Meghan. 😂

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