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Let The Mowing Begin!

What happened to spring? All of the sudden the past couple of days it feels more like summer. It seems like overnight the grass has really taken off. I could tell that a lot of people were hoping to hold off on that first grass cut for a little bit longer, much to no avail.....🙄

On a happy note, the fruit trees are in full bloom. Those beautiful blossoms provide hope that crisp, juicy apples or pears will appear in the coming months. Fingers crossed.....a late frost won't interfere with their production. 🙏🤞 The same can be said for the strawberries. They are also loaded with blooms. In the coming days I will need to place my painted red rocks around the forming strawberries to trick the birds and send them elsewhere to find food. Too bad I can't do the same thing for the trees. I'm probably going to get one of those fake owls to place in the area of the orchard. Because owls are a bird of prey, oftentimes the decoy will keep birds from bothering your fruit or vegetables. I'll be sure to keep you posted on how well it works. Until then, the grass is calling. Try not to stay in the sun too long! 😎

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