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Maintaining the Harvest

The past week has brought some much needed rain. ( Thank goodness! ) However, our blessing has brought disaster to many in Eastern Kentucky. So much sadness! We've had several friends contacting us from all over asking if we are okay and if we have had horrible flooding. Fortunately, we have stayed high and dry. We received a nice amount of much needed rain and I'm thankful for it. I just hate that so many others received a lot more than their fair portion. Terrible! Thoughts and prayers, and much needed donations are coming their way quickly.

This week the focus has been cleaning out the strawberry beds. I've been so busy focusing attention elsewhere that the strawberry beds have become quite unruly. 🙄 They have been so good to me, that I need to be good to them. I want to make sure they are cleaned out, fed, and mulched so that hopefully they will produce the same if not better next year than they did this year. 🤞🙏🤞🙏

I'm attaching a few pictures of some of the produce that will be ready in the coming weeks. If you've been following the blog you have seen pictures of the summer squash. I also have other squashes that will be ready during early fall. I have Spaghetti squash coming on as well as Butternut squash and pumpkins. It's all doing quite well! I'm also very pleased with the pear trees. They are laden with beautiful pears that will be ready to be picked in the coming weeks. (I'm already tasting the yummy pear butter!) 🤤😋 I'll continue to keep you updated.

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