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Merry "Christmasing" week and Happy New Year!

Even though Christmas day has passed, many of us are still Christmasing and enjoying friends and family get-togethers. It's nice when Christmas can last for more than just one day. It's also nice because it provides us with just a little more time to get more of the things done from our Christmas "to do" list. I'll admit that sometimes the hustle and bustle of the to do list can get a little overwhelming. That's usually because I've tried to cram too much into too little time.

When we are young, time seems to go so slow. We get older and learn that life is a vapor. Age helps us realize the need to appreciate life's treasures and reflect on what is really important. Children grow up, our parents get older, we get older, and our lives are pulled in different directions. If only we had the ability to push the "pause button" and slow life down for just a little while.

This year our prayer is for all of you to do just that. Push the pause button and take time to enjoy your families and friends. More importantly, take time to remember the true meaning of Christmas. We pray 2022 is filled with blessings beyond measure and many moments of "paused buttons" so that we all remember what is truly important.

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