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More Tomato Volunteers

A few months ago when I was planting trees I gathered up some compost from my chicken run. The correct and safe way to do this is to scrape off several inches from the top. The compost that is several inches under the surface is fabulous for planting because it is so rich in nutrients. Once you've collected what is needed, you scrape the top soil back over the hole you have dug up. I used what I needed for planting the trees and the remainder of the collected compost stayed in the bucket in the garage for later use.

One day while I was doing some cleaning in the garage I noticed two sprouts growing in the bucket of compost. I recognized them as tomato plants. ( I'm not sure what kind of tomato plants they are) Every day I throw food scraps out to the chickens along with the excess or overabundance of produce that I plant. The chickens love fresh veggies and summer tomatoes and they certainly get a lot of them during the growing season! As a result, you will have seeds that make their way down into the soil.

I grabbed one of my red solo cups and carefully scooped out the dirt and the sprouts and placed them in the cup. I really wasn't sure if they would survive or not. However, with a little bit of watering and nurturing to my surprise they are growing quite well! In fact, they have grown so much that today I needed to separate them and transfer them to slightly larger containers. I'm still not sure what kind of tomato plants they are as they aren't producing yet. But, it will be fun to watch and wait and see what unfolds. Who knows???? They might be two entirely different kinds of tomatoes.

In recent weeks they have happily been residing in a window that usually gets quite a bit of sun.....(just not today) 😒 However, the sun will return and hopefully they will continue to grow and thrive so that I can one day soon on a warmer day, place them in the ground. Here are a few pictures of their progress. I'll keep you posted. 🤞😀

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