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Moving Day...Again?

A few months ago I wrote about the baby chicks transitioning from our basement brooder to the new chicken coop outside. I explained the importance of keeping the new chicks separated from the older ones until they finally were used to one another. The good news is that they have been peacefully coexisting together outside in the chicken run for quite some time. However, come nightfall they separate to their own "living quarters" to roost. To clear up the confusion, we have two chicken coops. It was necessary for them to remain separate in the beginning even at night to ensure their safety.

Now that enough time has passed and the nights are beginning to get cooler, it's time for the new chickens to make yet another move. Talk about confused and upset chickens!! Mercy! Last night at dusk we went out and closed off one side of the chicken run to encourage the new chickens to enter the new sleeping quarters. It was like herding cats. One of the older chickens didn't feel like sharing her coop. She angrily blocked the doorway so the newer ones could not enter. Others refused to even try to enter the new dwelling. We ended up catching them and placed them inside the coop, closing the door quickly so they wouldn't escape. Craig made the comment that he felt like Rocky trying to catch a chicken. 😂

The good news is that all of the chickens are happy and well rested. They exited the coop this morning as if nothing traumatic had transpired. We have read that it can take up to about 5 days or so for them to get used to their new coop. Chances are.....we will very likely have a repeat this evening and the drama will start again. We hope not! Wish us luck! I'll keep you posted.

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