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Natures Beauty

The start of August is always an exciting time of year. Kids are starting back to school and the promise of fall and cooler weather is just around the corner. In a few days I will be starting my fall and winter garden. As warm as it has been, it's hard to believe that change will be here before we know it. I have a large wagon that I pull around the farm collecting produce that is ready to be picked and plucked. Today when I was making the rounds I came across a glorious sight that is definitely worth sharing.

Four years ago this coming October we planted our first set of apple trees. For four years we have been pruning them and nurturing them hoping that we would one day harvest the fruits of our labor. Great news! We have apples this year! The trees are still young so their production is limited. However, progress is being made and we are very excited about it!

The same is true for the pear trees and the peach trees. They are three years old, one year younger than the apple trees. However, the same fervent nurturing and pruning has gone into them as well. Our labor of love has paid off! We are so excited about the beautiful pears and peaches that are finally being produced in our orchards. As the trees grow and mature, their production will only increase. I wanted to share a few pictures and show off their beauty. I think they are brag worthy!

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