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Pruning, Pruning, and More Pruning

Last week I talked about the raspberry rows that I was pruning. I'm happy to report that today I finally finished them. Yay! Next week will be the big push to start and complete the blackberries. It's quite the undertaking. The goal, (especially for the raspberries) is to keep them as orderly as possible. They can get out of control and take over before you realize it. The most important aspect is keeping the rows clear. Raspberries are always propagating themselves sending out new shoots. For the most part that is really great. However, when new ones come up in the middle of your aisle it's not fun at all. It can make you feel like you're in an unruly jungle trying to pick raspberries. (not to mention they have tiny little thorns that grab onto your clothes and scrape you everywhere.) 🙄 For now the rows are clean and clear.....I'm going to work really hard to try and keep them that way. 😉🤞

The weather has been wonderful the past few days. It's been cool, crisp, and sunny. Very spring like. I've definitely been taking advantage of it to try and get the pruning done. This weekend will bring winter weather. We are expecting freezing temperatures and snow showers. That's okay. It will give me another opportunity to take advantage. The canning season is still in full swing and my freezer is still filled with several items waiting to be preserved. I'll keep you updated on the newest creation. 😀

On a side note; the daffodils I mentioned in my post last week popped up this week! 🥰 Hopefully the upcoming temperatures are not too harsh on them!

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