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Reforestation & Planting Christmas Trees

Every year we buy trees.....several trees to add to what we have already planted on the property. This year was no different. We bought a variety of trees, a few maples, a few white pines, a Norway spruce, 2 apricot trees, and some others....I can't remember all of them right now. We try our best to get them planted during late fall or early winter. Reason being, we have learned through trial and error that late fall and early winter is the best time for tree planting. It's best to plant a tree while it is dormant. It is also a good idea to plant a tree during the cooler months because the roots under the ground will have a better chance to establish themselves and find their way through the soil before the stress of too much heat.

Several years ago while still living in Texas, we took a few trips to the area where we now live. I was enamored with people who had living Christmas trees in their front yards. They were beautiful!! Spruce trees are in abundance in Kentucky and I love them. I decided a long time ago, that's exactly what I wanted. So, along with all of the other deciduous trees and fruit trees that we have put in, I made sure that we planted Christmas trees also. They are small trees, only a couple of feet tall at best. But all trees have to start somewhere. A lot of people like to plant medium size to large trees, but again, it's important to think about the root system. A smaller tree has a better chance of survival because it won't undergo as much stress and its roots will better establish to its new environment.

Two years ago we planted a Nordman Fir tree in the front side of the yard. Last year we planted a Blue Spruce along the driveway several feet from the house. They have both grown nicely! I'm really pleased. The Nordman Fir has probably grown close to a foot or more in two years. The Blue Spruce has probably grown 7 or 8 inches in a year. Not too bad! They are still small trees, but I'm enjoying them. This year I was able to decorate them for Christmas. They don't have a lot of decoration on them as they cannot support too much weight. But that will come. Patience is a virtue!

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