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Seasons of Change

I lived in Texas my entire life until six years ago when we moved to Kentucky. The sad truth is, as most Texans will tell you.....we all DREAD summer. The dreading begins toward the end of February. Reason being, even though spring has yet to begin, summer comes very quick and usually lasts until the end of October. I used to find myself counting the days until cooler weather would finally arrive. How abysmal it is and was to wish our lives away. How wonderful it is to live in a more temperate climate!

Craig assured me that after being in Kentucky for a few years the "dread" feeling of summer approaching would finally come to an end. I am happy to say that he was right! I have learned to appreciate the warmth that summer brings. Right now I have tons of tomatoes growing as well as corn, several okra plants, pepper plants, and a myriad of squash plants growing. The berries are producing beautifully also. I have learned that as much as I enjoy crisp cool days, without those warm summer days, there would be no fresh tomato-cucumber and basil salad. (It doesn't get any better than that!)

The Japanese Beetles are not fun right now.....😒 That is one aspect of summer that I could live without. On the bright side, the chickens love them! Daily we go through the berry bushes with a bucket of water knocking them into the bucket. We then take the bucket over the chicken run and let them eat to their heart's content! Here are a couple of pictures of the chickens enjoying the feast. They are great at pest control!

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