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Seedlings and Blooms

My goodness how things have changed! Three weeks ago I was feeling discouraged because the seeds I placed directly in the ground had not sprouted. Not so anymore! Everything is really coming to life. It's pretty funny. I have new things coming up that I didn't even plant. Remember those volunteers? There are TONS of them. Most of them are tomato plants, but there's a good number of other things as well. Some of them I have pulled up during the weeding process, but most of them I am allowing to "bloom where they are planted."

This week along with planting new seedlings in trays, I am desperately trying to keep the garden beds clean of weeds. Not an easy task.....they come up so fast! The wood chips that we put down do help. We practice the Back to Eden gardening method and it really works. Of course, over time the wood chips do break down therefore, a new layer is needed. When you start seeing the weeds coming up, you know it's time for a new layer.

The pictures I'm sharing this week are of some of the different kinds of lettuces I have growing as well as a small portion of the blackberry blooms that have popped open. It won't be long now! In case you're wondering what those really tall grassy looking things are, they are garlic. The garlic scapes will set soon and the actual bulb that is underneath the ground will be harvested during mid summer. The fun is just beginning! 😁

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