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Showers of Blessing

Summer is fast approaching. These days the temperature swings madly from one end to the other. One day we need a light jacket and the next day we are trying to wear as few clothes as possible. In recent days it has also been very dry here at the farm. There have been nearby areas that have received rain. We could see the clouds and hear the thunder in the distance....but it went around us. 😒 As a result, I have needed to water more than I would like.

We know what it's like to live in perpetual drought. NOT FUN! When we lived in San Antonio, that was our existence. We would go weeks sometimes or even months without a drop of rain. The city policed your water usage. There was no watering your lawn (or anything else) unless you wanted to stand there with your hand held hose. No one was allowed to run water fountains, fill pools, wash cars, etc....One day I was in Target doing some shopping. Suddenly a heavy rain storm came barreling through. It was like an episode of the Twilight Zone. People in the store (including myself) walked over to the massive windows to watch the rain fall. You would have thought it was a phenomenon.

The past couple of days we have received some much needed rain. (Thank goodness!) 😁🙏 Yesterday I was outside planting some of my young plants that I started a few weeks ago. I planted them in the rain and enjoyed every minute of it. I couldn't help but sing the hymn, Showers of Blessing as I was working in my garden. The good news is that more rain is expected this weekend. I'll be sure to keep, "Singing in the Rain." 😎

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