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Starting Seedlings

Hello spring! Wow! The past couple of weeks have been non-stop. This week along with uncovering the strawberry beds, I have also been trying to get a bunch of seeds planted. I've put a few things directly into the garden, things like peas, radishes, and spinach. I'm definitely not done yet. I have so many more to do.😅

This week I also started several trays of seedlings that will later go into the ground. It's a process that takes a little while, but once you get started it goes faster. I start by mixing up my own soil. It's a pretty simple recipe and it seems to work so much better than anything you can purchase from the store. Here is a list of the ingredients or items needed to make up your own soil.:

1. Peat Moss

2. Chicken compost from my chicken run that has been aged for 4 months (you can purchase chicken compost from the store also)

3. Coconut Coir

4 Perlite

5. Mycorrhizae

6. Organic Herb and Vegetable food

7. Water

I mix up a pretty large batch because I'm planting a lot of seeds. However, you can just as easily mix up a smaller amount to accommodate your needs. I mixed it up in my garden wagon using a shovel as a spoon to make sure I stirred it up really well. I then placed my seedling cell tray over the wagon and started filling up the holes in the tray. Once the dirt is in place, the seeds can be added. The process then starts all over again...…I have 5 trays.....😳

Hoping they all sprout and grow strong so that they can complete their journey in the garden. Time will tell.....I'll keep you posted. 😀

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