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Sweet Strawberry Jam

Earlier this summer I wrote about the wonderful strawberry crop that we were being blessed with. We ate several gallons, but I also made sure that I froze several gallons. I'm so glad I did! Last week Hurricane Ida came rolling through bringing with her several inches of rain. Since I couldn't do a lot of work outside I decided I would use the rainy day to make strawberry jam. What a treat!! The beauty of our strawberries is that they are incredibly sweet. They are picked ripe and red right off of the vine so the natural sugar content is very high. All of the berries on our farm are picked this way. (I'm biased about our berries.....I think they're the best!) 😉 A lot of growers pick their berries too early so the flavor just isn't there. Because our berries are so sweet naturally, I don't need to add as much sugar to the jam recipes. (It's actually about 1/2 of the sugar) No worries though! You don't miss the sugar. We sampled some the other day on hot biscuits right out of the oven. Sweet perfection!

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