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The Dormant Days of Winter

Everything these days seems to be in a state of dormancy. (the chickens included) 😒 This time of year when everything slows and waits for the eruption of spring, the chickens seem to be doing the same thing. Several weeks ago I wrote and joked about the disgruntled chickens being on strike, refusing to lay any eggs. Unfortunately, that is still happening.

In recent days I've had several people asking about egg production because the price of eggs has risen so dramatically in the grocery store. There are several reasons for that but two in particular. One is the avian flu that has been sweeping across the country causing a slow down in egg production. The other reason is a simple's winter. Just like trees and grass and other plants go into a dormancy or a state of rest, chickens do the same thing. With cooler temps and less light, their bodies are telling them that it's time to rest. While it is true that people have the ability to deceive the chicken body by adding artificial light to increase egg production, I'm not sure that is the healthiest way to go. Just like we have to be patient in waiting for those first buds to appear, we have to wait for the natural cycle of egg production to return to the chicken. It's going to get better......and so will the price of eggs. Time will prove that to be true. I have no doubt that by the time Easter rolls around there will be plenty to hide, hunt, and eat. Good things come to those who wait.

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