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The Wonder of Daikon's

Haul out the holly! Is it really December? My goodness! Hopefully everyone had a happy Thanksgiving. We did! I'm still spending extra time on the elliptical hoping to shed that unwanted pound.....😒

The farm is still in "clean up" mode. When you have several large garden beds it takes a while to clean up dead vines and frostbitten vegetables. The good news is that the chickens are enjoying eating and pecking through a lot of scraps. This week I preserved several Daikon radishes. Some of you might not be familiar with the Daikon radish. Daikon's originated in China but they grow very well here in North America. It is a root vegetable that is white in color, resembling the shape of a carrot. The greens or tops they produce are also edible. When they are mixed with other greens such as kale, collards, or mustard greens their taste is phenomenal!

A few months ago we planted several more Daikon's than we could actually eat. There was a reason for that. Daikon's are great for enriching the soil. If you have soil that contains a lot of clay, Daikon's will help break up the clay drawing in earthworms and moisture as well as other nutrients such as nitrogen up to the surface. Overtime, the soil will become healthy and workable. Daikon's are highly recommended as a soil remediator. The added bonus is that they taste great and they aid in digestion. It really is a miracle vegetable!

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