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Winter finally arrived!

Today will be another canning day. That's a good thing. I have gallons upon gallons of berries in the freezer waiting to be turned into wonderful deliciousness.

We are having a strong winter storm roll through here bringing with it lots of snow and below freezing temperatures. It's so strange. It's been unseasonably warm and then all of the sudden everything changed. We have been doing a lot of winterizing to the chicken run and chicken coop trying to ensure the chickens stay as warm and dry as possible.

Meghan doesn't mind the cold at all. She is a snow dog extraordinaire! She has been known to run and play and even roll through the snow. Of course, then she's a little confused why she is not allowed to come in the house when her fur is caked in wet snow. 😂

I'll be sure to fill you in on what jams I have created in the coming days. Until then, stay warm!

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