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Winter Spring Cleaning

You have heard the expression Spring Cleaning. I do my spring cleaning in the winter. Spring is such a busy time for me on the farm. (actually winter is too) But, I do have a little bit more time to conquer those projects that I have been putting off, or cleaning out those boxes that have been sitting in the basement needing attention, or canning the remainder of the berries or tomatoes that are in the freezer, etc., etc., get the idea.

One of the projects that I'm about to complete is seed ordering. It actually should have been done already. 😒 You would be surprised how quickly seeds can sell out if you wait too late to place your order. I have some interesting seeds already placed in the virtual shopping cart. It never ceases to amaze me some of the new (or at least new to me) varieties of different vegetables that can be grown. We always enjoy trying new things so we usually order a few seeds we are not familiar with to see how well they do and if we end up liking them. An example would be the "Jalafuego" pepper we ordered and planted last year. It is identical in appearance to the jalapeno, however, it is slightly hotter than its counterpart. It was a real winner! We will most likely order those again.

Snow is expected again this weekend. It will be a good time to clean out a box from the basement and make some more jam. During last weeks snow storm I made Raspberry Jam and Blackberry Jam. This weekend I think I'll make a batch of Strawberry Jam and Triberry jam. (jam using 3 kinds of berries) It's amazing!! 😋 Spring will be here very soon and the real work will begin. Happy winter/spring cleaning!

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