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Sweet Sunchokes

This past spring we decided to try something new. Last year we saw an article about the health benefits of Jerusalem Artichokes or "SunChokes." The video we watched made them look and sound very tasty. It also demonstrated how easy they are to plant. So we decided we would give it a try. To our amazement, the promises were true. They were easy to plant and so far they are growing very well. The bright yellow flowers have grown tall and seem to be happy in their new home.

Some of you might be wondering, "What's a Sunchoke?" A Jerusalem Artichoke or Sunchoke is a type of root plant that is also tubular like a potato. The beauty of them being tubular is that they have the ability to spread and make a lot more Sunchokes than you actually planted. The downside is that they can go a little crazy and spread to places where you don't want them if you aren't careful. Sunchokes are native to North America. Native Americans were very aware of their nutritional value and unearthed them during the winter months because they were a valuable food source. They are able to be eaten raw but they can also be sautéed, roasted or pickled. Most people who have eaten them say their flavor is very sweet. I'm sure this is because they are known to be high in natural fructose.

It's almost time for us to harvest our sunchokes. They say harvest time is after the first frost and when the plants that are above the ground begin to die off. (usually around mid November ) I'm pretty excited to try something new and then share our findings with all of you. I'm sharing a few pictures of how they currently look. They remind me of sunflowers because they are so bright and cheerful. I'll be sure to let you know how they taste when we dig them up next month. Until then, check out one of the links to Jerusalem Artichokes. It's always fun to learn about something new.

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