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Happy Easter!

It's hard to believe that another Easter is upon us. Didn't we just have Christmas? Spring is definitely buzzing with busyness. This time of year there's so much to do that it sometimes becomes overwhelming. Along with the spring planting, there is a whole lot of cleaning out as well as jam making. This week Craig finished eradicating the invasive honeysuckle bushes out of one of our wooded areas. (no easy task!!) It's a very steep incline and it takes a lot of energy to pull them out of the woods. I helped drag them out into the field to be burned later. This will be the 4th burning session in only a few weeks. The result however, is very satisfying. It is so nice to look at the woods near our house and only see the native trees that are supposed to be there.

I'm also trying to get caught up on my jam making. Yesterday I combined blackberries and peaches to make a delicious new jam recipe. I think it turned out amazing! I have several more dozen jars of jam to make. I'm trying to use up frozen berries before the berry bushes are overgrown with new berries. (It's not a bad problem to have!) 😁

Last week I shared about the tulips I planted last year hoping they would bloom nicely in time for Easter. The pictures I am sharing are of tulips I planted last year as well as tulips I planted a few years ago. The beauty of Tulips is that they come back year after year and they spread and propagate producing more beautiful flowers. What a gift! 🌷

We hope all of you have a blessed Easter spending time with family and friends. Hunting for Easter eggs is fun, but try and remember the true meaning of Easter. He is Risen!

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