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"Hurry Up and Feed Us Now!"

My goodness! What a difference a day can make! Up until yesterday morning I was still dealing with frozen water trying to take care of the chickens. Thankfully, today our temps are much more tolerable and they are supposed to remain that way for at least a few weeks. The frozen conditions were not only hard on the chickens, it was hard on the birds of the air too. They were desperate for both food and unfrozen water. It seemed every time I looked out the window I would see thousands of black birds in the trees hovering over the chicken run and coop waiting for "their" meal. I'lladmit it was a little creepy. It was reminiscentof a scene from Alfred Hitchcock's,The Birds.授 The scavengers would race down and swarm the chickens trying to steal everythingthey could.‾ Most days the chickens are fed and watered once a day. However, during extreme weather, there is a chance their water especially may need to be refilled. The past couple of weeks they have needed to be fed and watered at least twice a day to replenish what was stolen from the birds and replace frozen ice with drinkable water.

On a happy note, the weather enabled me to stock up on some much needed jars of jam. I made both Strawberryjam and Strawberry/Raspberry jam. I have a long way to go. The freezer is still very full, but it's a start. We also enjoyed an afternoon of sledding. Morgan Elizabeth had a grand time!! We couldn'tstay out too long because her poor feet were getting too cold. But she had fun while it lasted!

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