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It's Moving Day!

The baby chicks that are now 6 1/2 weeks old are starting to outgrow the pen where they have been comfortably living. The last several days have been crazy with us frantically trying to finish their new chicken run. We have chickens that are two years old, but the baby chicks will remain separate from them for a while until they get a little bigger and they all adapt to each other. We have strong wire fencing between them so that they can see one another, get used to one another, and hopefully in time learn to coexist. I can't help but feel a little sorry for the poor things. They will be happy and adjust quickly, but I know the initial shock of the big move will be quite traumatic for them in the beginning.

It probably seems like a simple thought, but I sometimes think God works with us in the same way. We grow, adjust, and get comfortable with our environment and then a big change happens and our world is turned upside down and the process starts all over again. None of us like change, but stagnation isn't healthy for any of us either. I'll continue to give updates on the progress of the baby chicks. Until then, happy growing!

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