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Taste and See that the Lord is Good Psalm 34:8

The planting season and the harvest season are both upon us here on the farm. It's an exciting time! There are several vegetable seedlings that I'm currently nurturing waiting for some warmer days so that they can go in the ground. There are other crops that are just about ready to be picked....berries! The strawberries are in full bloom as well as the blackberry bushes. The raspberry bushes are covered in raspberries just waiting to ripen in the coming weeks.

For all of these gifts we are truly thankful! It was just three weeks ago that we had 3 inches of snow and I was worried we would have no fruits to show from all of our labor. The fruit trees are doing really well also. We were concerned the freeze would hurt the small apples, pears, peaches and plums that are forming on the trees. I'm happy to report that all are doing well! If all goes as planned, the trees should have a bounty of fruit in late summer or early fall. Here are a few pictures of the promise of what is to come. What a blessing!

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